I got a puppy!

IMG_5442It is official!  I am the proud owner of an 8 week tiny Boston Terrier puppy!  I am beyond excited and loving every minute of it, even those precious minutes that add up to hours in the middle of the night.  Yes…she whines non stop and wants tons of attention but I am here to give it πŸ™‚

For many years I considered getting a dog.  I’ve had two beautiful kitties for over 12 years and I always thought that getting one would interfere with my work (I travel a lot) and limit my flexibility but I finally realized that I kept on making excuses for myself.  Yes, she comes with work, but she also comes with love, kisses, joy, laughs, and sweetness.  Her name is Boston and so far the kitties are ignoring her.  I hear that they will adjust to each other just fine since the puppy was introduced to them at a really young age.

Now I keep on wondering why did I wait so long to get a puppy?!  She brings so much happiness to my life that I wish I would have done it earlier.  Are you also thinking of getting a puppy?  I want to hear all about it!  Leave a comment or even better share a picture!  Not sure if we can share pictures on the comment section of WordPress that wouldn’t that be fun? πŸ˜‰



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