Charming Seville, Spain!

Hello my sensational travelers!

I have been meaning to blog about Sevilla, Spain for a little over a week now and I am finally getting to it tonight!  In a nutshell, you should not go to Spain without visiting this electrifying city.  All you need is 2 – 3 days to enjoy what this energetic city has to offer.

The weather was great in October.  It averaged about 78 degrees Fahrenheit and we enjoyed sunny skies.  We also arrived to Sevilla by bus.  I have to say that it was pretty easy to get there from Sagres, Portugal (about 8 hour ride) and I found the bus transportation system easy to use.  We stayed at a Hilton and while it had a nice accommodation, it was a little removed from downtown so we had to take a taxi every day (which wasn’t difficult).  If I had to do it again, I would stay in a more centric place.

Personally, my favorite landmark was the Cathedral.  Not only is considered the largest Gothic Cathedral in the world but it is truly captivating to just look at it.  So if you have a couple dates to visit this city, these would be my top 5 most visit / do:

  1. Visit the Cathedral of Sevilla
  2. Climb the Giralda Tower (the view at the top is incredible!)
  3. Visit the Real Alcazar
  4. Bring home some olive oil and cherry wine
  5. Have tapas and an authentic paella
  6. Watch a flamenco performance…ok, we ended with top 6 instead of 5 🙂

But let me explain it better with pictures!



Cathedral Entrance
At one of the many entrances of the Cathedral


Cathedral at Night
The Cathedral at night
Enjoying a beautiful afternoon with some sangria and tapas
Ovejas Negras Sevilla Spain
If you are looking for a restaurant, I highly recommend Ovejas Negras.  Great ambiance, moderately priced and delicious food.
Giralda Tower View
Giralda Tower view next to a handsome olive tree 😉

I sure miss Sevilla, and I want to go back!  Have you been? Did you like it as much as I did? I am excited to hear about your experience in the comment section below.

Until next time my friends!


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One thought on “Charming Seville, Spain!

  1. AlvaradoFrazier

    The Seville Cathedral was amazing and a don’t miss experience. Not only is it the world’s oldest Gothic Cathedral there are beautiful Renaissance period paintings. The other experience I loved was the Flamenco dancers.

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