Cartagena, Colombia

Hi friends!! I just came back from a fabulous trip and I want to tell you all about it. If you like the beach, tons of culture, great food and a lot of affordable shopping, Cartagena is the place to go!

Colonial style kind of architecture, excellent beaches, great shopping, and a historic old town. These are some of the many attractions of this amazing Caribbean coast.

I went with 5 of my longtime friends from Panama: Karina, Leslie, Marilyn, Cristina, and Melina.

From left to right, bottom row first: Cristina, Marilyn, Melina, Nicole, Karina & Leslie

We all landed at Rafael Nunez International airport. The airport is easy to navigate and you will have no problem finding a taxi as soon as soon as you walk outside.

We stayed at a boutique type hotel called Casa Cochera del Gobernador located about 15 minutes from the airport and right in the middle of old town Cartagena. Check this out…we each paid $280.00 for 4 nights! What a deal! The staff was incredibly friendly and got out of their way to make sure we felt at home. Can’t you tell by the smile on our faces?

Interested in going to one of the many islands part of the famous Islas del Rosario? The staff at the hotel will be happy to help you book a day trip. We chose Isla Bora Bora and what a fabulous day that was!! Lunch and even drinks included!

Welcoming drink at Bora Bora Island in Cartagena Colombia. From left to right: Nicole Karina, Cristina, Leslie, Melina & Marilyn

We also spent a lot of time shopping! I had all the intentions to only bring a few souvenirs but I was terribly influenced by my girlfriends…ha! ;). If your currency is the dollar, your money can go a long way in Colombia once exchanged into Colombian pesos so be prepared in advance so you are not tempted to overspend!

What do you think? Is Cartagena in your bucket list? Have you been before? I just shared the highlights of my trip but I’d love to hear from you and let me know if you have questions. For now, below are a few more pictures of our wonderful trip!

Mid day appetizers and drinks
Ready for a night out!
High on ice cream! 🙂

Until next time!


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