Embracing Change Through the Power of Optimism

glass-300558_1280Have you ever met a pessimist that is open to new ideas?  I haven’t.  That’s what led me to reflect on the impact of optimism in the workplace this week.  When I say optimism, I am not talking about “wishful thinking” but a personal choice to focus on the best possible outcome even after acknowledging the not so good.  Either way, change is never easy.

I a am a leader for a  company ranked in the Top 50 of the Fortune Magazine and as you can imagine, change is the norm! When “change is the only constant in life” is probably best that we learn how to embrace it and what better way than cultivating an optimistic outlook.

According to Inc Magazine, many of the issues business leaders struggle with, including personal – professional balance, get easier when we approach them with optimism.  Personally, I believe it so I am extending the right to each one of you to call me out on it if I ever sound like a Debbie Downer!

Click here for the link to the Forbes article that inspired me to write this note in the spirit of self-development.  In summary:

  1. Optimists start businesses. They see opportunity when others see uncertainty!
  2. Optimists are inspiring communicators. They are often very charismatic.
  3. Optimists rally people to a better future. They are always excited about it!
  4. Optimists see the big picture. They see beyond their most recent experience.
  5. Optimists elicit super human effort. Who doesn’t like a super hero reference!?

I hope you enjoy the article and feel free to email me directly if you have topics that you would like to learn more about.

Until next time!


I got a puppy!

IMG_5442It is official!  I am the proud owner of an 8 week tiny Boston Terrier puppy!  I am beyond excited and loving every minute of it, even those precious minutes that add up to hours in the middle of the night.  Yes…she whines non stop and wants tons of attention but I am here to give it 🙂

For many years I considered getting a dog.  I’ve had two beautiful kitties for over 12 years and I always thought that getting one would interfere with my work (I travel a lot) and limit my flexibility but I finally realized that I kept on making excuses for myself.  Yes, she comes with work, but she also comes with love, kisses, joy, laughs, and sweetness.  Her name is Boston and so far the kitties are ignoring her.  I hear that they will adjust to each other just fine since the puppy was introduced to them at a really young age.

Now I keep on wondering why did I wait so long to get a puppy?!  She brings so much happiness to my life that I wish I would have done it earlier.  Are you also thinking of getting a puppy?  I want to hear all about it!  Leave a comment or even better share a picture!  Not sure if we can share pictures on the comment section of WordPress that wouldn’t that be fun? 😉



June Sensational Goals

June 2018 GoalsI am really excited to start my first official blog by documenting my goals for the month of June.  There is something to be said about reflecting in advance what I would like to see accomplished in the next 30 days.  Personally, it brings me joy!  The act of proactively taking  control over my life makes me feel empowered and in charge of my destiny.  I am proud of the woman that I have become and I am determined to have a say on the woman that I will become tomorrow.  Here we go!


  • Read “How Women Rise” by Sally Helgesen & Marshal Goldsmith
  • Network with at least 3 people at my job that can guide me in professional advancement interests
  • Inspire and engage my team by generating weekly material regarding development

Health & Fitness:

  • Log at least 45 miles.  That would be an improvement when compared to May (39 miles)
  • Yoga once a week
  • Daily calorie count in the sprit of being self aware
  • Try three new healthy recipes


  • Clean up MINT app so that I can properly track expenses
  • Revisit 401K contributions
  • Make a budget I can stick to for the rest of the year
  • Plan a budget-friendly trip


  • Meditate at least three times a week for 15 minutes
  • Spend time with the Lord every morning
  • Finish lesson 3 & 4 of Proverbs Bible study


  • Visit grandma every weekend
  • Make dad’s feel special on Father’s Day!
  • Attend my best friend’s kids birthday parties
  • Reach out to two close friends that I have lost contact with recently
  • Invite Nancy and Dana to see my new house

Self development:

  • Be able to play Wayfaring Stranger in the piano
  • Improve blogging skills by posting 3 times a week
  • Finish photography lesson

Don’t forget to be fabulous in June!