It’s Fiji Time!

What time is it? It’s Fiji time!  That’s the most serious answer I could get when visiting the enchanting archipelago!  After a few days, you really no longer care what…

What time is it? It’s Fiji time! Check out my post to learn more about this enchanting island!

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Beautiful Sydney, Australia

Is visiting Sydney part of your bucket list? Well, it was sure part of mine and I couldn’t be happier with the experience.  Traveling to Australia was a dream come…

Is Australia in your bucket list?

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Embracing Change Through the Power of Optimism

Have you ever met a pessimist that is open to new ideas?  I haven’t.  That’s what led me to reflect on the impact of optimism in the workplace this week. …

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June Sensational Goals

I am really excited to start my first official blog by documenting my goals for the month of June.  There is something to be said about reflecting in advance what…

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